Learn Social Media

Do you want to learn social media for your business?

As a small business owner, you know you need to be online but you just don't understand what social media is all about. You want to stay in control of all aspects of the business but need a little guidance on how to set up your online profile. Do you want to learn social media management for your business?

Your Ripple Effect can help. We will set up your social media, advising on which social channels would be most suited to your business. We will teach you how the social media channel works, including scheduling posts and creating your own advertising campaigns.learn social media

We create a program specifically for your small business, covering up to two social media channels and focusing on any areas you may need assistance with. We help you create your own social media ripple effect, making each drop of social media count.

We can also focus on areas such as:

  • Understanding how social media works
  • What is the best time to post online
  • How do I create awesome images for my customers
  • Scheduling posts on social media
  • Analysing how affective your social media posts are.

So if you are ready to learn social media management for your small business, contact us to discuss a personalised program. Please fill in the contact form below detailing your needs or call on 0404 848 964.