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Facebook Advertising for Beginners

Facebook advertising for beginnersFacebook Advertising for Beginners

STOP GUESSING WHO YOU ARE TARGETING WHEN ADVERTISING ON FACEBOOK. Learn all the tricks to target the right customer for you and make your advertising dollar actually work for you. 

In this Facebook Advertising for beginners training, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get your small business started with creating your own Facebook ads. As a small business, it is important to spend your advertising budget targeting the PERFECT customer for your business and getting results you can analyse. The training material is covered in this Facebook Advertising for Beginners for small business  include:

  • Why is Facebook advertising so important?
  • Setting up your ad account.
  • Types of Facebook Ads and why each has a place in helping grow your business
  • Setting up a Facebook Pixel.
  • Setting up the custom audiences
  • Step by step instructions on creating an ad on Facebook
  • Learn how to analyse your campaigns to understand how they are performing