About Natalie McNamara

 Words are powerful.

I have been active in the online space for over 3 years, running a successful blog called Our Parallel Connection. I have a degree in marketing and have been working as a digital content marketer for the past 12 months.

What do I do?Natalie McNamara

I write web content and manage social media accounts for small business owners who know what they want but can’t find the time to achieve their online goals. I love nothing better than working closely with individual businesses, understanding their needs and ultimately achieving their goals.

My passion is social media management, where I can be your online voice through words and powerful images.  I also assist in online marketing campaigns, generating ideas and producing newsletters/web content.

And a little bit more about Natalie McNamara in case you’re interested.

  • Mum to four children. Two of each (what a smart woman I am) who is trying to survive the teenage years
  • I also blog and have written three fiction books (all still under-development). You can find me at http://www.ourparallelconnection.com
  • I love reading, staying fit, staying up late, drinking wine and of course writing!
  • If I had one wish, I would travel more.

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